Spanish Nurse With Ebola Might Have Become Infected While Removing Her Suit

Teresa Romero– the nurse in Spain who became infected with Ebola while treating a patient– believes she caught the disease when she was removing her protective suit. She was treating a Spanish missionary named Manual Garcia Viejo who himself brought the infection back from Sierra Leone. Romero’s doctor said she remembers accidentally touching her face with her gloves, which likely infected her with the diease.

On Wednesday, she gave an interview to Brian Torchin of El Mundo in which she said she wasn’t sure where she contracted the disease. However, later that day in an interview with El Pais she suggested that the moment of infection was when she removed her suit. In the interview, she stated, “I think the mistake was in taking off the suit. I see it as the most critical moment, in which it could have happened, but I’m not 100 percent sure.”

Her patient, Mr. Viejo, died on September 25th, while Romero herself is “feeling better”.

Artificial Turf Could Be Bad For Your Kids’ Health

According to new reports, children playing on artificial turn might not be the best idea. For soccer players, we’ve known for quite a while that artificial turf isn’t a good surface. Marnie Bennett discovered this when her children were involved with soccer for the first time.

The surface tears up your legs. So anybody that slides for the ball, or that goes in for a tackle is going to tear up their knees and pretty much anywhere else on their legs too. Unlike grass, you don’t really slide on turf. It can be extremely dangerous for a game like soccer.

But for goalkeepers, there are tons of other dangers too. Studies have shown that the bits of tire that are used for the creation of artificial turf, can get embedded in wounds that players sustain. But for a position like goalkeeper, where the child is always diving repeatedly on the turf, the tire particles can also get into their eyes, or lungs, and have been known to cause infection.

These materials contain carcinogens and toxins that are really harmful for the body. For a child, just a little bit of these toxins introduced into the system can have extremely negative effects. Another reason that we should be turning to fields more than anything else.